How To Celebrate Marriage Anniversaries With Different Flowers

How to Celebrate Marriage Anniversaries with Different Flowers

How to Celebrate Marriage Anniversaries with Different Flowers

Flowers are a staple gift for any occasion. They express more emotions than words ever would. Their vivid colours and transcendental fragrance makes them absolutely worth giving, plastering a smile on the face of the person who receives it. When it comes to celebrating a marriage anniversary, you need to show that you love your partner with the means of a gift, and in the way you spend the day. You have to make the anniversary special for both of you. Further, you need to get creative, and celebrate each marriage anniversary differently. Doing it the same way as the year before will make it feel like a mundane affair. First step to making your marriage anniversary special is by giving the right flowers, and while doing that, make sure that you give a different bouquet of flower for each marriage anniversary:

1st Anniversary: Red Roses

A red rose is the epitome of love. It describes love in its purest form, and this would make for the perfect bouquet on your 1st anniversary.

2nd Anniversary: Red and White Roses

No. Do not give only white roses. Instead, give a bouquet mixed with red and white roses. White roses symbolize purity and belief in love. So when you give a bouquet of red and white roses, not only will those colours be an extra-ordinary contrast against each other, but also show how much this bond means to you, and how much you appreciate the purity and the love it stands for.

3rd Anniversary: Yellow Roses

Another addition to celebrate the 3 years of your marriage is of yellow roses. Yellow roses represent joy, good health, and friendship. They represent that you cherish this bond between you and your spouse, and may it forever flourish this way.

4th Anniversary: Pink Roses

Pink roses are a gesture of gratitude, love and appreciation. Pink roses symbolize that you appreciate the companionship you have, and that you can be dependent on each other and truly cherish the company you have gotten for your life.

5th Anniversary: Orange Roses

Orange rose is the wild child of the rose family. Therefore, they make for the perfect 5th anniversary gift to represent the passion and enthusiasm you have for each other.

10th Anniversary: Carnations

Carnations are expressive and open, and are represented in the way they are put together in a bouquet. The fervour these flower carry represent fascination, admiration and adoration. These reflect upon you and your bond with your better half to show that you have been together for so long, and still you are just as much fascinated by your partner as you were on the 1st day. 

20th Anniversary: Lilies

Lilies are your perfect choice to celebrate the 20th Anniversary. Their gentle nature and vivid colour represents that you two have stayed together for twenty years, and that counts for a lot. 20 years is not a short time. They represent prosperity and wealth, which is what your bond appreciates too.

The more variety you show when giving flowers or the more you experiment, will gesture that you truly love your partner and will do anything to be together. Flowers, in that sense, are perfect anniversary gifts which represent your love.


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